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Our poultry
Nos volailles

our chickens

From rustic farm strains, they have deliberately slow growth. We end the old, whole wheat, it is a plus that allows them to develop the flavor of their flesh. It is therefore only mature our chickens delight you with their firm flesh and tasted.

our guinea fowl

Its African origins, guinea fowl is a wild character. Its exceptional nutritional qualities offer all the ingredients for a balanced meat. Particularly appreciated by gourmets, try at least once guinea fowl, it will delight you with its taste.

All year :


€ 8.90 per kg (average weight: 1.5 kg to 3 kg)


Chicken Legs:  10.90 € per kg
Chicken fillets: 18,90 € per kg
Chicken Wings: 5,60 € per kg

Guinea fowl

€ 11.90 per kg (average weight: 1.5 kg)


Thighs guinea fowl: 12,90 € per kg
Nets guinea fowl:  19.90 € per kg
Guinea fowl wings: 5,60 € per kg

Chicken / Hen / Rooster

8,90 € per kg

Duck / prickly Bobbin

Every year from April to September

€ 12.30 per kg (average weight: 1.8 kg to 3.5 kg approx)


Nets:  22.90 € per kg
Thighs: 13,30 € per kg
Wings: 5,60 € per kg

Poultry offal

Liver, heart, gizzard: 9,00 € per kg

Our processed products

Processed by us in our farm, no dyes or preservatives

Breaded chicken fillets (home breadcrumbs):  20.90 € per kg
Guinea fowl breaded fillets (home breadcrumbs):  21.90 € per kg
Breaded chicken fillet with Toma: 24,90 € per kg
Chicken fillet marinated meat (cilantro / lime) for kebabs or stir:  22.90 € per kg
Individual Lorraine block 100% homemade poultry: 3,00 € each
In summer from April to September:
Poultry sausages (chicken):  14.80 € / kg
Merguez poultry (chicken):  14.80 € / kg

New Year celebrations

Due to a high demand every year, we recommend ordering early your festive poultry. Tradition of poultry with which gourmets will tell you, your guests will enjoy. All our birds are ready to cook with offal:

Capon: 15,90 € per kg (average weight between 3.5 and 5 kg)
Turkey: 14,50 € per kg (average weight between 3.5 and 6 kg)
Guinea fowl label:  13.90 € per kg (average weight 2 kg)
Our festive poultry are kept for 6 months outdoors. They are finished with raw milk fresh cows and corn grain each day during the last months of aging.